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The Genius of Smart Science® Labs


Science labs are available for grades 3-12, as well as Advanced Placement


Unlike other educational programs, Smart Science® Education is only $20/student with no other costs. All training, support, and teacher resources are included.

Prompt Results

Labs that would take hours to complete, such as measuring shadows, can be conducted in minutes, allowing students to move through labs at their own pace.

Unlimited Space

Any number of students can be conducting the same experiments at the same time.


No physical risks can come from students’ errors.


Speed, screen reading, and vocabulary lists are all available. Plus, Smart Science® is translated into 100+ languages, including braille and can be used on mobile devices.

Smart Science®
In Action

Watch this demo to see how you can interact with our real-life science lab videos.

The Genius of Smart Science® Students

Proven Results!

One Brooklyn high school used Smart Science® Labs in one of their two AP Biology courses. The class that utilized our interactive labs had double the passing rate on the AP biology exam as the class that used standard curriculum.

The Genius Behind Smart Science®

Meet Ed Keller.

After graduating from Brown University with his Physics degree, he went on to teach high school science classes. Between his large classes and tight budget, it seemed impossible to conduct experiments safely and thoroughly.

Ed knew something had to change. With modern technology, he knew that there could be a solution. He knew that virtual simulations would not give the students the ability to engage as effectively with data. So, over the course of the next several years, Ed and his team independently created all 300+ Smart Science® labs that are utilized today.

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